Strange Stories From Behind The Scenes Of Dee Snider's 'Strangeland'

A villain who sews up the mouths of his victims while espousing views on nihilism and the idea behind being a modern savage. A detective who has to use an early version of the internet to track down his missing daughter. Featuring bondage, gruesome scenes, and a character who begs to be slayed, Strangeland isn’t a normal horror movie

The brainchild of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, Strangeland is a relic of late-'90s horror cinema. Rather than delighting in upending the tropes of the genre - a fashionable horror trend at the time - Snider’s slasher film maintains an air of realism that gives it a sense of deep foreboding absent from many of its contemporaries. 

Made with almost no money and inspired by a failed rock opera, Strangeland was a labor of love by Snider, the film's writer, producer, and star. More than a vanity project, this 1998 horror film was slaved over, and ultimately wound up in the used VHS bin of every video store in America.