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20 Horror Stories From Deep Sea Divers That Filled Us With Dread

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Deep sea diving is a hobby of the very brave. From dealing with dangerous animals and subaqueous critters to extreme weather conditions, the ocean can prove to be a vast nightmare filled with terrors. On Reddit, people shared their tales of terror when diving the depths of the deep blue sea. Vote up the accounts most likely to keep you on dry land. 

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    'She Died Instantly'

    Posted by u/waboosh:

    I was diving with a mom, her husband, and their son on a night dive. Idk how many dives they’ve been on but the mom for some reason decided to just go up without signaling anyone why. She did a thumbs up signal which means she needs to go up and when the dive instructor signaled back asking why she just went up.

    So the guide is trying to get her to come down when a boat comes across and runs her right over. I forget the exact size of the boat, but it was big duel motor. Blood was everywhere and we had to rush out because there were a lot of sharks in the area.

    She died instantly, I assume. 

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    Meeting A Mako Shark

    Posted by u/OneDumbDiver:

    I grew up in Oz. When I was 15, I took the family boat out and dove the reef myself to clear my head (mistake #1). I was down at a depth of about 28 metres (90 feet) when I was only rated for 60 feet (mistake #2).

    Whilst diving, I spotted a 3.5m Mako shark coming right at me. For those who are unaware, Makos are basically the cheetahs of the ocean, and they only have two speeds: Curious (harmless) and lunch (very much harmful).

    This guy was in lunch mode.

    So I hovered, as I had been trained to do, as there would be no way for me to outmaneouvre it or escape it. Nowadays, we dive with Shark Shields, which emit electronic pulses that freak the sharks out and keep them away, but back then, what we used was essentially a chainmail sleeve. The idea being that sharks hate the taste of metal, so if you give it your arm, it'll bite down, decide you're gross, and move along. So I wait, and it comes, and I do a perfect move to give the beastie my arm. Just before the cronch, however, it occurred to me that I had left my sleeve on my bed (mistake #3).

    I had my kelp knife drawn, and stabbed it right as it bit me. It swam off, and I was alive, however, now I had a series of problems:

    1. I had HUGE open gashing wounds on my arm from the bite in open water, and was trailing blood everywhere.
    2. Once the shock wore off, you realise that you're in salt water, and salt and open wounds don't feel good.
    3. In a panic, I dropped my weight belt and shot up to the surface without any sort of waiting period (hello bends - mistake #4).
    4. Because I hadn't been paying attention to the currents, I was approximately a quarter mile downstream of my boat, which means I had to swim up to it (mistake #5).
    5. When I got to the boat, I really started to wish I had done as my Da had said and had the comms fixed (mistake #6) or that I had upgraded the first aid kit like I had been threatening to do (#7).

    So I end up racing back to shore with nothing more than a toruniquet to staunch the bleeding.

    Long story short, my series of unfortunate self-inflicted events earned me 172 stitches, boatloads of physical therapy because the shark had actually bitten down on my tricep and detached it, and easily identifiable scars on one of my arms for the rest of my life.

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    'Undeniable Feeling Of Absolute Dread'

    Posted by u/AAAWorkAccount:

    I'm in the Atlantic. Depth is about 30-50 feet with a lot of pocket reefs around. I swim away from a reef to see what is in that direction. Visibility is about 40 feet.

    In front of me, at the surface, right at the edge of visibility, I see a massive body. What I can see is around 2-3 feet thick, and about 6-10 feet long. I can only see a body, I can't see a tail or head. It is a light silver with somewhat darker golden or brown stripes. It was only there for a second, it must have been turning to go the other direction and I only saw a part of its body.

    I had never seen anything like that. I was curious and intrigued. I started to swim towards it to see what it was.

    I got about 12 feet in that direction when a fright came through my body. It was a primal, undeniable feeling of absolute dread and horror. My body was telling me that whatever that thing was, I needed to get the hell out of the water as fast as I could. I stopped swimming towards it and immediately pivoted back to the boat. I swam on my back so I could keep looking behind me, in the direction that that thing had been.

    I don't know what that thing was. But it was massive. It was a giant and I was a fly. Some part of my animal brain knew what it was. And it knew that it was a danger.

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    Getting The Bends

    Posted by u/LtCdrPetrel:

    I got the bends once. I was careful. Followed my charts and my computer. Had appropriate depths and surface time. But I didn’t drink enough water so I was all out of wack.

    Felt fine until I got home, mild headache. Then I woke up and it was just pain in my left arm. Elbows. Fingers. Couldn’t even bend them without bad pain. My headache was intense and I was so dizzy. Called my older more experienced dive buddy and I got rushed to the hospital.

    Docs got me hooked up and fluids, checked my dive logs while the decompression chamber was set up. And then got me in there with a nurse. 8 hours in a tube about the length of a car but as wide as maybe a double bed? I was on oxygen and hooked up to an IV and it was so loud, with all the air rushing in. As soon as I got to “depth” the pain vanished.  

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