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20 Deep Sea Creatures That'll Scare You Away From The Ocean

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Do you occasionally enjoy the peace and quiet of a nice day out on the waves? Love the occasional cute sea creature that pops up to say hello when you’re chilling at the beach? Well, then you may have come to the wrong place! Here we’ve collected a list of some of the most disturbing scary sea creatures that roam beneath the waves. We’ve scoured the depths of the deepest waters to find a list of creepy creatures and scary fish that prove that the deep sea and ocean depths are the most horrifying places on Earth.

You may think twice about taking up Scuba-diving after getting a load of some of these deep sea fish, who range from weird to terrifying. While some of these creatures, such as the Dumbo octopus, could possibly be considered cute in the right light, others such as the goblin shark are just plain terrifying. Among this collection, you’ll find both deep sea dwellers that have been known to mankind for quite some time, as well as others that were only discovered as recently as the past decade and remain relatively mysterious. 

So if you’re ready to get a load of what lurks beneath the surface, take a look at some of the most bizarre deep sea creatures the oceans have to offer. We’ve got a wide range of creatures from the harmless to the lethal, all of which sport the wildly bizarre looks that can only be found way beneath the waves. Whether they’re bottom-dwellers or deep sea swimmers, many of these freaky fish have looks that only a mother fish could love.

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    The Freaky Looking Frilled Shark


    This guy is called the "Frilled Shark" and lurks in the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Though they're very rarely seen, scientists think frilled sharks hunt by lunging at their prey like snakes and then swallowing it whole. 


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    The Very Frightening Fangtooth

    Though the "Fangtooth" may only grow to around seven inches, but it has some pretty huge teeth. Its super scary appearance has also earned it the nickname, the "saber tooth."

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    The Horrifying Looking Hatchetfish

    The "Hatchetfish" is found in oceans around the world at depths ranging from 600 to 4,500 feet. They have special light-producing organs, similar to fireflies which allow them to glow in the dark.

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    The Startling Looking Stargazer

    Don't be fooled by the pretty name - "Stargazers" are not only venomous, but also quite stealthy. Since their eyes and mouths are on top of their heads, they burrow down into the sand, wait for prey to swim overhead, and then leap up and strike!

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