The 15 Best Rappers with Deep Voices

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In recent years, rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J.I.D. have popularized the nasally rap delivery while Young Thug and SahBabii have transcended that to reach pitches that would rival marine animals. Sometimes, you just need to listen to a rapper with a little bass in their voice. The real Salty Spitoon types. This list of best rappers with deep voices is just that - rappers with booming deliveries and strong presence on the mic.

Of course, New York rappers Pop Smoke and 50 Cent have to make the cut. Often compared to each other, both boast gruff voices to match their gritty lyrics. Another prominent rapper on this list is Freddie Gibbs, whose diverse discography includes a variety of flows and even singing with his low tone. This list also includes female rappers like GloRilla, whose ambiguous voice and tough delivery makes her popular with both male and female fans.

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