22 Things You Should Know About Netflix's The Defenders

The Defenders are coming to Netflix and it's going to be HUGE. Marvel is upping their game in a huge way by establishing a fully fleshed out television universe that completely ties into their film universe, and they're doing it in all the right ways.

Before we get to The Defenders we will have met Daredevil (again), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist and something cataclysmic will happen causing them all to team up and take down some mega threat. Basically we get another Avengers team with a grounded, darker, noir tone! Every comic geek's dream is coming to fruition, Superheroes are taking over both film and television. 

But first, before the eight-episode show comes out, you should probably know a bit about The Defenders themselves, as well as the unprecedented deal that landed them at Netflix. These are Defenders trivia facts to get you caught up to speed!