15 Anime Characters With Insane Defensive Abilities

There's no offense like a good defense - at least, that's probably what the defensive anime characters on this list would say. It's a valid point - no matter how strong they might be, those who can't defend themselves in battle often get crushed before they can unleash an attack. Defensive anime powers may not always be the flashiest or most exciting ones, but they can sometimes be the most useful. 

Who are the anime characters with the best defense? One well-known contender is Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist. Greed can transform his body into graphene, an impenetrable substance that can withstand any attack. Less well-known but equally impressive is the Sun Armor owned by Black Rabbit from Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? This armor not only is impossible to breach, but it also grants immortality and glows with the rays of the sun. Of course, we can't leave out Naofumi Iwatanithe protagonist of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

There are plenty of other awesome anime defenders where that came from, so let's give them some love by voting up the most impressive ones.


  • Meliodas possesses an impressive defensive attack called Full Counter. Full Counter puts up a reflective shield that hurls attacks back at opponents at double the original strength. While this might sound too good to be true, Full Counter does have some disadvantages. While it's activated, Melodias can't launch any other offensive attacks - instead, all of his energy and attention must be directed toward defense. Worse, he can't use Full Counter unless he gets the chance to actually analyze his opponents moves, something he can't do if the opponent is particularly fast or stealthy. Despite these drawbacks, he can still make great use out of his ability.

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    Naofumi Iwatani - The Rising of the Shield Hero 

    Though his shield is originally seen as an unworthy weapon that made him an unworthy hero, Naofumi Iwatani's shield actually provides him with amazing offensive and defensive capabilities. Eventually, he's able to duplicate his shield and surround his body, make new shields appear to protect him wherever he happens to be, and create shields out of the air, animal spirits, and more. Besides that, the shield can also trap opponents, transform into a rope, grow dog heads that bite Naofumi's enemies, and more. Why exactly is this shield so looked down upon?

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    Mavis Vermillion - Fairy Tail

    Without Mavis Vermillion and her defensive ability, Fairy Sphere, Team Natsu would likely have never survived Acnologia's attacks. The sphere not only serves as a completely impenetrable defense that protects everyone inside of it from harm, but it's also a stasis chamber. Those inside the sphere will be kept live but they won't age or experience the passage of time. It takes Team Natsu seven full years to be able to escape the sphere.

  • Greed is a homunculus, which gives him a number of interesting abilities. One of these is his ability to manipulate the carbon in his body to convert his flesh into graphene or graphite. Through hardening his body into graphene, he makes himself completely impervious to all attacks. He can keep up this form indefinitely, which means that there's no chance of an opponent outlasting him and then landing a hit. The only possible way to defeat him while he's in this form is through alchemy - a talented enough alchemist could transform the strong graphene into weak and brittle graphite, ruining his defense.