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16 Long-Anticipated Sequels That Were Totally Worth The Wait

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Revisiting a franchise after many years - even decades - have passed can be a scary thing. Sequels are hard enough already, let alone situations in which years separate the first film's magic from the next installments. It's hard for studio executives, as well, as they have to decide whether or not there's still interest in a property that hasn't been touched in years. Yet, even with all the obstacles, sometimes it works out. 

There are examples throughout cinematic history of filmmakers revisiting a franchise decades later and the resulting film being just as good as the original. Sometimes the original writer, director, or actors return and bring with them the same chemistry they had the first time around. Other times a fan of the original gets a chance to breathe new life into the franchise with their own installment. Now, it's time to decide which franchise revisits did it best.