Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Totally Changed A Movie's Main Character

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Plenty goes into the making of a movie, especially if it's a blockbuster. While we like to believe our favorite films are the result of a singular vision, there are numerous people involved in deciding what moments make it to the final cut. Sometimes, the jettisoned scenes completely change the plot of a film or reshape a character's arc. Fortunately, deleted scenes and director's cuts have given fans a glimpse of these lost moments from cinema's biggest hits.

Often, the scenes are cut to reduce a film's running time. Other times, a creative clash is the reason behind the alteration. Regardless, these choices can fundamentally change a film - or simply reduce a character's growth. Whether it's a kind gesture or the reveal of a major plot point, these deleted scenes offer a very different read on some of our favorite movies and the characters in them.