Deleted Scenes Wisely Cut From Comic Book Movies

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While watching deleted scenes from comic book movies can be fun for the most devoted of fans, sequences that don't make it into tent-pole Marvel movies end up on the cutting room floor for a reason. 

Scenes cut from kids' movies are usually axed because they are a little off-putting, like the deleted scene from Home Alone where Kevin gets pantsed by his uncle. Some deleted scenes from sci-fi movies make the special features list because they were too hokey, like when a xenomorph does the crab-walk in Alien. Deleted scenes from comic book movies may have been left out due to similar reasons, but sometimes they need to be cut for continuity's sake. The complexities of shared superhero universes don't leave much wiggle room for extra scenes or storylines. 

Marvel movies lead the pack when it comes to deleted scenes, but comic book films from all publishers and studios have their fair share of embarrassing clips they were wise enough to leave out of the final product.