The Best Demi Moore Movies

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Over 900 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Demi Moore movies. With a career spanning four decades, Moore has starred in some of Hollywood's most iconic films, from romantic comedies like Ghost and A Few Good Men to cult classics like G.I. Jane and The Seventh Sign.

Whether it be her vulnerable yet fiercely determined portrayal of Molly Jensen in Ghost or her commanding performance as Lt Jordan O'Neil in G.I. Jane, Moore always manages to captivate her audience with her nuanced performances and magnetic screen presence. Her comedic timing is unparalleled, making every one of these films thoroughly enjoyable even after multiple viewings.

From St. Elmo’s Fire to Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – this list contains all of Demi Moore’s standout roles throughout the years. Take a look at our selection here and vote up your favorites on the list.

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