Graveyard Shift

There Is Hard Evidence A Demon Has Been Terrorizing A House In Pittsburgh, PA For The Past 20 Years

Truly haunted houses are few and far between. Some of them simply have poltergeists, others may be haunted by a ghost or two, but this Pittsburgh home is one of the few real-life haunted houses that played host to an actual demonic possession.

The Pittsburgh demon house has a storied history of creepy things happening within; even if it weren't possessed by a demon, this isn’t the kind of place you’d want to rent as an airbnb. The account that follows is one of the most fascinating modern haunted house stories that’s ever been recorded, and it’s all thanks to the house’s owner, who took comprehensive notes during the haunting.

Out of all the haunted houses in Pennsylvania, the home on Brownsville Road contains some of the most terrifying tales that have ever been written – involving curses, a murdered child, and even a shadow creature stalking the halls of this home that still stands today.