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The Most Memorable Fictional Romances Between Humans And Demons

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The idea of two very different creatures falling in love is often intriguing to people. So, despite the obvious things that set them apart, many fans find themselves cheering on human-demon romances. Supernatural beings are just so interesting to humans, which is why these relationships have been gaining so much popularity. Humans will often work hard to make these bizarre pairings work because they love their partner regardless of what they are.

Demons are known as an evil spirit or as a devil, which is why they might be considered an unusual choice for a love story. However, it is charming to see how far humans will go to be with the ones they love. In the end, for most human-demon romances, the humans don't seem to care that they are dating a demon, and they are willing to overlook their flaws. Even if they don't work out in the end, it is still a romantic mindset that many viewers can't resist.

Each TV show and movie portrays demons in their own unique way, but regardless of that representation, it is clear that demons are very different from humans, and many might even be hesitant to trust these so-called 'evil creatures'. But true love has no boundaries, and these human-demon romances truly are proof of that.

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    Chloe And Lucifer From ‘Lucifer’

    Lucifer initially partnered with Chloe to investigate the passing of a pop star, and they have worked together multiple times since. At first, Chloe thinks Lucifer has some odd behaviors, so she tries to learn more about him. Over time, they developed romantic feelings for each other, but they keep their emotions under wraps despite the fact they clearly complement each other.

    Chloe becomes worried when she discovers Lucifer's true nature, but that doesn’t take away from her attraction to him. Finally, she is honest with him and confesses she’s more scared of losing him than of who he is.

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    Elizabeth Sherman And Hellboy From ‘Hellboy’

    Elizabeth had a fairly normal childhood until her pyrokinetic abilities started to develop. Untrained, she became a danger to others, so she was taken in by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense where she grew up the agency's other resident, Hellboy. The two became close. 

    In the comics, Liz and Hellboy are only portrayed as friends, but throughout the film series, Liz and Hellboy are in a romantic relationship. In the second film, Liz becomes pregnant with Hellboy’s progeny.

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    Inuyasha And Kagome From ‘Inuyasha’

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    Inuyasha and Kagome had a rough start because of Kagome resemblence to his previous love interest, Kikyo. The couple first met when they worked together to collect the shards of the Shikon Jewel used to empower the demons. They slowly became close friends, and over time, develop feelings for each other.

    For a while, their relationship was complicated because Kikyo kept getting in the way. Whenever Inyuasha would pay attention to Kikyo, Kagome would become hurt. There were plenty of disagreements and jealousy on both sides, but there was no question that the two cared deeply for each other.

    The couple finally share a kiss toward the end of the show. It is later revealed that they eventually got married.

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    Sam And Ruby From ‘Supernatural’

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    Ruby made her first appearance in the third season of Supernatural when she followed Sam and Dean to help them fight demons. She later revealed to Sam that she is actually a demon herself. Sam agreed to let her keep helping even though he didn’t fully trust her, and Dean often tried to warn Sam of Ruby and her intentions.

    Sam and Ruby’s relationship began to develop despite his brother’s wariness about the situation. The couple was a bit rocky at the start. Ruby begins training Sam, even feeding him her blood to boost in demon-slaying skills. In the end, Sam learns that Ruby was a double-agent working for the demon Lilith and she ends up getting eradicated by the brothers.

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