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What Kind Of Demon Would Possess You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As someone who’s reading about astrological signs you should be aware that you’re 50% more likely to be possessed by a demon than anyone else. Because demons love irony more than anything else they would happily send something to possess you that fits in line with your horoscope. So what are your demonic traits by zodiac sign? Luckily for you the following creepy zodiac readings are here to tell you exactly which demons are most likely to infest your body and turn you into a raving lunatic.

Even though the Vatican hasn’t released their official figures on the topic, demon possession by zodiac is likely one of the most regular forms of possession. It makes sense that a demonic entity would be drawn to someone who shares their particular traits, and that they’d want to spend time in a body that thinks similarly to how they do. If you’ve ever wondered “which demons can possess me?” get ready to have all of your questions answered. Keep track of any possible astrologically-themed possession with a One-Year Astrological Planner, which includes the phases of the moon to help you keep track of celestial changes.

  • Photo: Charles Foster / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    As the ultimate Fire sign, Aries, you're energetic and you're always looking for something new. That's why Moloch is drawn to your spirit. Like you, Moloch represents the creation of something exciting, and the destruction of new life. You'll have a crazy amount of power, but it's going to come at a cost. 

    When you find yourself possessed by Moloch don't be surprise if you develop a healthy appetite for children. After all, the main form of sacrifice to Moloch is to burn a baby in its honor.

  • Photo: Gustave Doré / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    If you're as stubborn and headstrong as every other Taurus out there then you have to realize that Satan's gunning for you. At one point he was God's right hand man, but he felt like he had a better idea of how to run Heaven and after the war between angels he was cast into Hell

    As the head honcho of the lake of fire, Satan is probably super busy, but if he was going to possess someone's body it would definitely be yours, Taurus. 

  • Baphomet: Gemini

    Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Baphomet is a demon who's drawn to the dual nature of man and woman. This goat headed deity represents the complete corruption of humanity and as a Gemini you're the perfect kind of person to be taken over completely. 

    Your innocence is the exact kind of thing that demons look for, but Baphomet especially feeds on purity as it seeks to pervert its victims entirely. And when you flip-flop to your evil side, Baphomet will be pleased.

  • Mammon: Cancer

    Photo: William Thomas Horton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    As someone who's moody and pessimistic while also managing to be highly loyal to your friends and family, you're the exact kind of person who's likely to be taken over by Mammon. You're really into getting a job done, especially when there's money to be made. Mammon is just like you, except for the whole demon thing.

    He's a glutton for material wealth and while you can look forward to watching your bank account and waistline grow, you're not going to get a chance to enjoy it. When Mammon wants something it becomes his completely, that includes you.