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15 Supposedly Real Audio Recordings of Demons

Updated 24 Sep 2019 338.1k views14 items

For whatever reason, people are rarely able to catch video footage of a demon. When the cameras start rolling, all the little hell-boys and ghouls scamper off into the dark recesses of the universe and create terrifying audio by screaming into the closest ghost box they can find. Frankly, it’s unsettling.

Sometimes they get chatty on a voice recorder, sometimes they whisper out from your basement, and sometimes they take part in a demonic possession and call into a radio station to get really weird.

All of the demonic voices caught on tape that you’re about to hear are very unsettling, and they just might make you rethink any electronics purchases you were planning on making.

If you’ve ever tried to contact a demon, you know that it can be tough. Sometimes they don’t feel like talking, and other times they can be oblique in communicating what it is they actually want. But when you think about it, that’s much better than a demon being straightforward with you about its wishes and desires. What if it wants you to sacrifice your little brother to Satan so he can roam free upon the earth soaking in the blood of virgins? You kind of have to do it, right? Think about that while you listen to all of these terrifying recordings of demons.

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