Denim Glamour Shots That Won the Internet

Sure, skinny jeans are one of the biggest fashion problems facing America today, but the denim problem in this country used to be worse. Much, much worse. Back in a funny little fashion era known as the '80s, kids didn't just wear denim pants. They wore denim shirts, jackets, and sometimes they even wore denim hats. It might have made matching easier, but the mall glamour shot evidence of that tragic fashion era still haunts '80s kids and parents to this day. Well, except for Zach Morris because that dude totally pulled it off.

If you think you're ready to face the fears of your past, check out the funny denim glamour shots on this list. Did your '80s fashion rival the all-jean looks of these sartorial stars? Vote up your favorite photos, and pray that these styles never come back into fashion.