27 Stories That Prove You Should Be Scared of the Dentist

Out of all the medical professions, dentists get the worst rap. Not only are they more likely to commit suicide than their compatriots in medicine, they also have to spend all day rooting around in the mouth of their patients. When you think about that, it’s easy to imagine why a dentist might go off the deep end and, you know, remove every tooth from a 23-year-old without even giving him an X-ray. If that doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, maybe nothing will. But for those you who claim to like your doc, just wait until you get a load of these reasons why you should be scared to go to the dentist.

From pulling out random teeth to groping patients while they’re in exam chairs, these scary dentists will make you want to avoid scheduling another appointment for the rest of your life. Even if your regular doctor is completely sane, there’s a small chance that a kook off the street could walk into the office and start giving out root canals just to show off their stuff. To be honest, the best thing you can do is stop eating anything except toothpaste for the rest of your life. At least your chompers will be shiny.

Vote up the stories that make you never want to go to the dentist again, and feel free to share any dentistry horror stories and nightmares that you’ve managed to live through.
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    Dentist Gives Three-Year-Old Brain Damage

    In Hawaii, a three-year-old was left in a vegetative state after an allegedly negligent dentist administered medications that sent the girl into cardiac arrest and caused her to suffer severe and permanent brain damage. 

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    Florida Dentist Performed Unwanted Procedures on Children

    In 2015, a dentist in Jacksonville, Florida was accused of collecting millions of dollars from Medicaid by performing unneeded surgeries and assaulting children. In one instance, he removed seven of a girl's teeth when she only needed one to be taken out. The girl told her mother that aside from removing her teeth, the doctor also hit and choked her.

    On top of that horror story, Dr. Schneider also removed the two front teeth of a boy while choking him, and also slapped a five year old girl in the face several times. 

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    Dental Assistant Sexually Assaults Two Young Girls

    Dental Assistant Sexually Assaults Two Young Girls
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    A dental assistant in Orange County, California was taken into custody after he allegedly sexually assaulted multiple minors in a private room in the dentist's office he worked in. Police suspect that he has assaulted even more children than the few who have come forward. 

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    Dentist Sued for Pulling Out All the Teeth

    Dentist Sued for Pulling Out All the Teeth
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    In 2014, a 23-year-old man sued a dentist after all of his teeth were pulled because of an abscess. The dentist made the diagnosis without taking any X-Rays and charged the man over $5,000. Remember kids, always get a second opinion. 

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    Oregon Dentist Sexually Assaults Children, Kills Self

    Doctor Joshua Luke Moffitt worked for an organization called Tooth Taxi, which provided dental screenings to children from low-income families. But in 2013, his body was discovered by police who were leading an investigation into allegations that he had sexually assaulted two minors.

    Police believed that there had been more children, but before they could continue their investigation, Moffitt killed himself.


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    Manhattan Dentist Commits All the Crimes

    When John Wolf decided to commit his life to crime, he really went all out. In brief (because there's way too much to talk about here), Wolf traded tooth work for meth, he was a part of a child pornography ring, a beastiality club, and he poked holes in condoms so he could give strangers HIV. Have fun at the dentist!

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