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The Funniest Dentist Jokes

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The dentist jokes and puns on this list aren't just funny, they’re the tooth! If you like that, there are plenty more dental jokes here to make you smile. The best thing about all this dental humor is that it can soothe any worries about visiting the dentist. Nothing is scary when you can joke about it. Just don’t say any of these hilarious jokes to a dentist’s face. You don’t want them coming after you with their drill because of a dentist pun.

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely hate going to the dentist and studies show that most Americans agree. Sorry, dentists, but we don’t have any fun in your waiting rooms or your fancy chairs. Most dentists are probably nice people who just want to clean the teeth of the world, but that doesn’t make a visit to the dentist's office any less nerve-racking. This list of dentist jokes takes the edge off, though. Maybe our view on orthodontists has softened now that we’ve laughed out heads off at these dentist puns.

Why don’t you read this list of dentist humor and let us know if it changes your mind about visiting the dentist? Vote up the funniest jokes about dentists, and if you have a new dentist joke that we don’t know, fill us in on it in the comments!
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