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Dentists Describe The Most Horrific Things They've Found In Patients' Mouths

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Nobody loves the dentist. All of the machines in the procedure room are scary, that music they play in the waiting room is incredibly generic, and worst of all you never know if you're going to be receiving good news or bad. Dentists rarely pull punches, either, and they've been known to figure in more than a few hygiene-related horror stories. If you haven't been flossing, your dentist will know and call you out for it. They're not like those nice doctors you see on TV – they're merciless and unyielding.

Of course, dentists don't have it so easy, either. They've got to deal with squirmy kids and patients who never brush their tongues. In fact, dentists have seen some of the most horrific types of matter in their patients' mouths. You didn't think living organisms could sprout in someone's oral cavity? Well, they certainly can and do. The dentists of Reddit have shared their grisly stories, so read on – but maybe keep a bottle of mouthwash handy.

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