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Denver International Airport Is A Supposed Hotbed Of Satanic And Illuminati Activity

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You might think the Denver International Airport is a fun place to visit on your next trip to Colorado. But it's also the place where a lot of weird things (might) be happening - some of which are tied to conspiracy theories. Denver airport conspiracy theories range from being a site of an Illuminati led plot against the world to a satanic effort to get people to look at phallic symbols. Strange happenings at the Denver International Airport (DIA), including military planes flying overhead to comets passing by, give "proof" of the various conspiracies that surround the airport.

However, the main conspiracy seems to be the one that suggests that DIA isn't just a black hole where travelers' luggage disappears never to be seen again. Some conspiracy theorists look at the big picture and want the "sheeple" to open their eyes with the following theories.

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    There Are Secret Bunker Doors With Secret Numbers

    The secret bunker doors of the secret underground city of the DIA are also shrouded in a conspiracy because they have secret numbers. For example, one area is coded to quarantine people if there is a bioweapons strike against the United States. The codes in the airport are also specifically made to keep people confused and to make it difficult to know what level of the supposed underground structure they are on.

    There is a door that allegedly will allow people to have "swift access" to certain parts of the bunker if their clearance with the Department of Defense is high enough. 

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    There's A Massive Deep Underground Military Base Involved In Numerous Conspiracies

    There's a massive complex of tunnels under the airport, and conspiracy theorists use them to show the place isn't just a transit hub, but could be used as a giant prison. Conspiracy website Intellihub - which also promotes conspiracies about the Sandy Hook tragedy and contends that the food supply has been spiked to cause sterilization - says a construction worker who built the tunnels has information about the system's true purpose.

    Stu Webb told the publication there are several underground buildings connected by tunnels big enough to drive a bus through. The website suggests that they are part of a massive Deep Underground Military Base.

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    The Blue Murder Horse Sculpture Is A Satanic Symbol And A Sign Of The Apocalypse

    The horse is an iconic symbol for Denver - it's even the mascot for the city's NFL, the Denver Broncos. However, the horse sculpture in front of Denver International Airport is a different breed all together. The sculpture is blue, 32 feet tall, and features a pair of enraged red eyes as it welcomes visitors to the airport. Before it was even installed at the airport, a massive chunk of it fell off and landed on the sculptor who designed the bucking bronco, landing on his leg and severing an artery, ending him. 

    Bluecifer, as the sculpture is known, may be a symbol of the airport as a part of the end of the world, after all the apocalypse was signaled by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Those who think there are aliens living under the airport have certainly noticed. 

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    Denver Airport Could Be Used For Continuation Of Government Operations In Case Of A Catastrophic Nuclear Disaster

    The United States has contingencies for what to do if the country is struck by nukes, whether from Russia, North Korea, extremists, or any other nuclear power. Allegedly, the Denver International Airport has facilities to help maintain the continuity of government should such a strike occur.

    The evidence pointing to this lies in the strange tunnels. They also point to the fact that the project was massively over budget and used multiple contractors to obscure the true nature of the construction. Some conspiracy theorists even say there's a city-sized structure under the airport. 

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