Graveyard Shift

Denver International Airport Is A Supposed Hotbed Of Satanic And Illuminati Activity

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You might think the Denver International Airport is a fun place to visit on your next trip to Colorado. But it's also the place where a lot of weird things (might) be happening - some of which are tied to conspiracy theories. Denver airport conspiracy theories range from being a site of an Illuminati led plot against the world to a satanic effort to get people to look at phallic symbols. Strange happenings at the Denver International Airport (DIA), including military planes flying overhead to comets passing by, give "proof" of the various conspiracies that surround the airport.

However, the main conspiracy seems to be the one that suggests that DIA isn't just a black hole where travelers' luggage disappears never to be seen again. Some conspiracy theorists look at the big picture and want the "sheeple" to open their eyes with the following theories.