Government Departments You Want To See More Spending In

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Vote up the departments that need a boost in cash like Donald Trump needs a boost in approval ratings.

Donald Trump, a president with dubious leadership skills, promised to dramatically increase defense-related spending by $54 billion while cutting departmental spending to other federal agencies by large amounts. While some are in favor of this budget revision, others find it terrifyingly misguided, believing funds are best spent in other aspects of US infrastructure. Where do you think the US government should focus its departmental spending? When it comes to determining which departments need more money, you must factor in the various issues that face the country and the agencies capable of rectifying them. Considering the United States' high debt, the government budget doesn't give you much to work with.

Perhaps the Department of Education, so overworked and underpaid teachers don't have to pay for pencils and notebooks out of their own pockets. Or maybe the Department of Veteran's Affairs, so the soldiers sent off on that $54 billion are ensured PTSD treatment when they return. Is the US ignoring the Department of Agriculture at its own peril? Let Donald Trump know your feelings on the government, budget because if this goes viral on Twitter, he will see it, and maybe even tweet about it instead of doing, you know, his job. Sad!

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  • Department Of Veteran's Affairs
    160 votes

    Department Of Veteran's Affairs

    Budget: $180 billion

  • Department Of Education
    191 votes

    Department Of Education

    Budget: $69.4 billion

  • Department Of Health And Human Services
    159 votes

    Department Of Health And Human Services

    Budget: $1 trillion 

  • Department Of Energy
    137 votes

    Department Of Energy

    Budget: $29.6 billion

  • Department Of Labor
    115 votes

    Department Of Labor

    Budget: $12.8 billion

  • Department Of Agriculture
    137 votes

    Department Of Agriculture

    Budget: $24.6 billion