Scary Conspiracy Theories About Population Control

Conspiracy theories regarding global depopulation and population control have become extremely popular in the last decade. With every manner of plot out there, from UN population purges to race wars to secret government documents planning to seize the food supply, it becomes clear that humanity is only a few years away from a great cull, presided over by the Illuminati. So just what are these scary population control theories? And are any of them true?

We've been "a few years away" from this great cull for decades, but the great purge of Earth never seems to come. In fact, the population grows, in spite of plots that have taken decades to hatch. And these plots are all public as well, from poisoned vaccines to UN policy papers. It seems that when the end comes, we'll all be able to see it coming, and have known about it for years.

Here are the most commonly spread and discussed global depopulation conspiracies, ranging from things that are real, but misinterpreted, to things that are completely made up.