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Scary Conspiracy Theories About Population Control

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Conspiracy theories regarding global depopulation and population control have become extremely popular in the last decade. With every manner of plot out there, from UN population purges to race wars to secret government documents planning to seize the food supply, it becomes clear that humanity is only a few years away from a great cull, presided over by the Illuminati. So just what are these scary population control theories? And are any of them true?

We've been "a few years away" from this great cull for decades, but the great purge of Earth never seems to come. In fact, the population grows, in spite of plots that have taken decades to hatch. And these plots are all public as well, from poisoned vaccines to UN policy papers. It seems that when the end comes, we'll all be able to see it coming, and have known about it for years.

Here are the most commonly spread and discussed global depopulation conspiracies, ranging from things that are real, but misinterpreted, to things that are completely made up.
  • Fluoride

    Though five decades of research has proven that adding fluoride to water helps to stave off tooth decay, many conspiracy theorists still see it as a plot to enact mind control over the docile masses. They point to misinterpreted studies as "proof" that it lowers the IQs of children, despite no plausible mechanism by which this would happen. And some even believe it's a tool of depopulation, giving people extremely slow growing cancer that eventually kills them.

    One would think that if this were true, there would be corresponding data that proves it. There is not. This is another supposed population culling tool that, in reality, is simply not well understood and is railed against because it involves chemicals being given to people without their choice.
  • Known as the American Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones are a set of stone tablets built in a field in Elberton, GA. Paid for by a mysterious and deeply religious man known as "R. C. Christian" and built by the Elberton Granite Finishing Company, they were constructed in 1980 and sit as a set of guidelines for living, set forth by an apparently concerned citizen.

    There are ten maxims on the tablets, known as the Guiding Thoughts, and they're translated into eight different languages. Most are fairly innocuous, warning us to "PROTECT PEOPLE AND NATIONS WITH FAIR LAWS AND JUST COURTS" and "BALANCE PERSONAL RIGHTS WITH SOCIAL DUTIES." But the first three Thoughts, and the first one in particular, have caught fire with conspiracy theorists as some kind of public proclamation of the intentions of the New World Order.

    On its surface, it seems like they might have a point, since the first thought reads "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE." Seems like textbook depopulation stuff.

    So what do the Guidestones mean? And why are they there in the first place? One generally accepted explanation is that they're meant to serve as guidelines for the rebuilding of America following some kind of apocalypse. But without knowing the identity of R.C. Christian, it's impossible to know what he intended. Assuming they're Satanic or evil is just as easy assuming they're not Satanic or evil - and has more evidence to support it.

    Photo: Michael Kleiman / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Among its many, many secretive and powerful elements, the Alaska-based High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is thought by some to be a weapon of depopulation. Through making massive earthquakes, creating powerful storms, and modifying the basic elements of our climate itself, HAARP is meant to kill millions of people in one fell swoop, making the great Illuminati takeover that much easier.

    However, HAARP has no such powers, nor do such powers exist in the realm of actual physical science. While it was used in conducting complicated, high-level scientific research, all of its findings were made public, and it lacks anything near the energy to do cause earthquakes or cause typhoons.

    HAARP isn't even operating anymore, having shut down in 2013 due to a lack of funds.

  • The Ebola Virus
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain

    One doesn't have to look hard to find conspiracy theorists viewing the 2014 Ebola pandemic as one of the final steps in the Illuminati's depopulation agenda. One popular theory is that Ebola was weaponized by the CDC so it could be transmitted through the air, giving it the ability to kill up to 90 percent of the population. Once the smoke clears, the planet will be culled of "useless eaters" and free for the elite to plunder.

    The problem with theories like this is that they don't have any basis in science, history, or reality. Viruses don't simply mutate at the drop of a hat, nor can they be "weaponized" to do things that aren't in their genetic code. Beyond that, even the most deadly of pandemics, the 1918 Spanish Flu, didn't cause anywhere near a 90% death rate in the population, even though the flu is much easier to catch and transmit.

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