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The Greatest Depressing Country Songs

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As sad songs are par for the course when it comes to the genre, there is never a shortage of depressing country songs to get the tears flowing when you're in need of a good cry. Country songs have a reputation for maudlin, crying-into-your-beer imagery that can induce eye rolls for many. However, country music fans know the genre's unabashed simplicity is actually its greatest asset. Emotions are not always complex and a good old fashioned depressing country playlist can let you get in touch with your feelings in a raw, unfiltered fashion. 

The songs below tend to circle around some classic country motifs. These are narratives of broken hearts, untimely deaths, and horrific personal tragedies. Whether it's Carrie Underwood singing about a cast of characters ready to give up on life or Joey Feek reassuring her loved ones they'll find their way without her when she dies, these songs don't strive to be intellectually challenging. Instead, they play on timeless, devastating emotions that come in the aftermath of unbearable loss and heartbreak.

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