The Greatest Depressing Love Songs

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Love is universal. We’ve all experienced it and, while most love songs exalt the joys of romance, those of us feelings its unfortunate effects may crave depressing love songs or new breakup songs for commiseration. The songs below are sure to speak to what ails you, whether it be unrequited love, long distance love, or a devastating breakup. While these songs may be depressing, they can also be cathartic. This playlist will help you realize you’re not alone in your feelings.

The tunes below are gut wrenching, unflinchingly honest takes on what it feels like when love hurts. Good depressing love songs show the darker side of romance. The science of love shows it's an addicting emotion that humans naturally crave, which is what makes it so satisfying when it begins. However, this is also why it can be so devastating when love ends. Browse this list for some sad song recommendations.

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