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Despite Super Cheesiness, Supergirl Is Pretty Good  

Zack Howe
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The Arrowverse has its ups and downs with some amazing shows, a few mediocre ones, and one flop. While CW DC TV shows differ from the comics, Supergirl has managed to capture a little bit of that old-fashioned superhero magic. Sure, it’s cheesy - like, you could win a grilled cheese competition with this show - but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, Supergirl is quite good.

Supergirl has heart and can evoke real emotion. The Flash can do that on occasion, and Arrow has lots of room for improvement, but neither show matches the emotional depth of Supergirl. It arguably has the best writing as well. Despite being about an alien, the show often feels like the most grounded, down-to-earth, and human of all the DC adaptations. If you aren't convinced, check out this list that highlights everything to love about Supergirl

Dammit, If It Isn't Just Adorable
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Every time Kara Danvers does her adorable, sheepish grin, the theme song for Reggie the Koala from American Dad should play: “Cute as a but-ton!” But Supergirl hereslf doesn’t singlehandedly bring the charm - the couples in the show are enough to make a grown man squeal.

Kara and Mon-El are just too cute together, as is the case with Alex and Maggie. Dammit, even Lyra and Winn had a couple of heartwarming moments (although theirs is undoubtedly the most annoying relationship). There’s a sweetness to Supergirl that unabashedly celebrates that corny rom-com vibe that everyone secretly loves. 

It Takes On Social Issues
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Supergirl takes on a number of social issues, from xenophobia to homosexuality, and it does so with tact and nuance. Alex's journey of coming to terms with her newfound lesbian sexuality is sincere and heartfelt. Chyler Leigh has done a marvelous job of portraying her on screen. What's more, the entire crux of the second season of the show is accepting those for who they are and defending them against unwarranted persecution. 

It Has A Lot Of Heart
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Almost every episode has a moment of real poignancy where you truly feel for the characters on screen. It's hard enough to do this occasionally, but Supergirl does it quite consistently. If you didn't cry when Alex was forced to let her traitorous father escape, then you have the heart of a White Martian. 

The Characters Are Relatable
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Kara is just a good person who tries to do the right thing in a world where that's often difficult. Winn is a lovable dweeb with a heart of gold who gets conned by an alien woman, but wins her over anyway because he's such a cutie patootie. J'onn is a displaced man who lost his family, but fights to protect his newfound loved ones. There aren't really any annoying or unlikeable characters, and that says a lot for a CW DC TV show.