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The Most Destructive Comic Book Events

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Comics book writers love destruction, especially in the superhero genre. Nothing demonstrates a character's power level faster than having them shake mountains, level buildings, or eat a planet. Sometimes, destruction can be more subtle with plagues, viruses, and even mental manipulation wreaking havoc, but usually it's explosions. However it happens, comic book destruction is what this list is all about. 

The amount of destruction can be citywide, continental, genocidal, planetary, universal, or even multi-universal, but it's the lasting impact on that comic universe that really matters. A single event can fuel an entire storyline or permanently change a character's arc.

This list contains the worst disasters, devastating events, and destructive things that have ever happened to change the course of comic book history.
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    Galactus is the only survivor of the world before the Big Bang, an omnipresent being of unlimited power, and probably the most destructive thing to have ever happened to the Marvel Universe.

    To sustain his vast energies, Galactus must consume entire planets. His giant ship converts the raw materials into his food source, and while his menu has been limited to uninhabited planets for brief periods, he always gets too hungry and kills planets full of life. 

    There's no way of knowing how many planets Galactus has consumed or how many lifeforms he's killed, but since he has been eating for as long as there has been a galaxy, his kill count is probably in the trillions.

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    Born from cruel experimentation in the harsh conditions of pre-civilized Krypton, Doomsday hates all life. That turned out to be bad for Earth (and good for insurance agents) when he landed in the "Doomsday!" storyline (aka. "The Death of Superman").

    He starts by destroying a truck, then a house, then a gas station, then a city block and finally throws down with Superman in a battle that killed both combatants and ripped Metropolis apart.
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    The Dark Phoenix Eats the D'Bari Sun

    When the mutant illusionist, Mastermind, tried to manipulate the Dark Phoenix to impress the Hellfire Club, it became an uncontrollable force of destruction. It was also very hungry.

    To satisfy its desires, the Dark Phoenix consumed the Sun of the inhabited D'Bari star system. Billions died as the alien solar system collapsed. Billions!

    The D'Bari people had never been introduced before, so it was a faceless tragedy, but one that fueled one of the most memorable character arcs in Marvel history.

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    Age of Apocalypse

    "Age of Apocalypse" presents a world in which Charles Xavier died before forming the X-Men. Without Xavier's leadership, mutantkind comes under the sway of the ruthless, immortal, and Darwinian mutant known as Apocalypse and his "survival of the fittest" philosophy. 

    When Apocalypse gets his way, the weak get slaughtered, and in this case, the weak are millions of homo sapiens stamped out by his "cullings." Life is rough on the remaining homo superior too. For example, Wolverine loses a hand. 

    Some fancy time travel on the part of Bishop saved Xavier and prevented this reality from ever happening, but it offered a glimpse into the destructive capacity of Apocalypse. Also, everyone got cool new costumes.