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The Most Destructive Comic Book Events

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Comics book writers love destruction, especially in the superhero genre. Nothing demonstrates a character's power level faster than having them shake mountains, level buildings, or eat a planet. Sometimes, destruction can be more subtle with plagues, viruses, and even mental manipulation wreaking havoc, but usually it's explosions. However it happens, comic book destruction is what this list is all about. 

The amount of destruction can be citywide, continental, genocidal, planetary, universal, or even multi-universal, but it's the lasting impact on that comic universe that really matters. A single event can fuel an entire storyline or permanently change a character's arc.

This list contains the worst disasters, devastating events, and destructive things that have ever happened to change the course of comic book history.
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    Originally conceived as a celebration for DC's 50 years of comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths turned out more like a housecleaning for 50 years of mangled continuity. To explain all of the DC Universe's splintered origins, duplicate versions of classic heroes, and contradictory concepts, creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez posited that everything that didn't make sense had happened on an infinite number of alternate Earths within alternate universes... and then reduced them into one.

    After a meandering storyline where heroes plucked from each Earth must prevent the Anti-Monitor from destroying the multiverse, the resulting timeline took the best parts from each continuity to fuse them into a singular DC universe. 

    So the good guys win, and the comics get better, but technically an infinite amount of Universes ceased to exist. That's a pretty big disaster. 
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    Emerald Twilight

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    The Green Lantern, Hal Jordan was a Coast City native, and when the city was destroyed by Mongul and the evil Cyborg Superman, the incident unhinged him. He tried to bring the city back to life, but there wasn't enough power in his ring.

    Since Lanterns aren't allowed to use their rings for personal gain, the Green Lantern corps sent representatives to confiscate his ring. He turned on them and tried to steal their power instead. The rampage took him all the way to Oa where he wiped out the Green Lantern corps, killed Sinestro and The Guardians, and drained the main Green Lantern battery to become the villain known as Parallax.

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    Coast City Obliterated

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    In the wake of Superman's death, Mongol and the evil Cyborg Superman bombed the crap out of Coast City to make space for a new Warworld (a scary weapon, not a fun theme-park). The seven million inhabitants of Coast City were killed.

    Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern and a Coast City native, tried to resurrect the city, but his ring ran out of power. The attempt also broke the Green Lantern code, which led to another destructive event in the "Emerald Twilight" storyline.
  • When the New Warriors tried to launch a reality TV show by attacking a flop house full of villains in Stamford, CT, things went badly. Speedball cornered the explosive villain, Nitro, who predictably exploded. The blast killed 612 civilians including fellow heroes and school children. 

    The incident turned public sentiment against superheroes, sparking the Civil War storyline in which Marvel's heroes fought amongst themselves. Speedball internalized his guilt and became Penance by donning a suit with 612 spikes on the inside that would cut him to fuel his powers (as a reminder). As much damage as Nitro caused with his explosion, the thing that took the most damage was everybody's feelings.