Small Details About Movie Villains' Henchmen You Probably Missed

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Henchmen are seen far more than main villains in movies because these foes build up the main conflict for the heroes. Still, henchmen tend to go unnoticed due to the audience's focus on the heroes or the primary antagonist. Some fans have figured out the finer details that have gone into popular films' henchmen, and they surprisingly reveal quite a lot of hidden facts.

It's also interesting to learn about these small details because they add layers of nuance to the henchmen's characterization that might not be apparent upon first viewing.

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    In ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2,’ Snape Takes Out Death Eaters When He’s Supposed To Be Dueling With McGonagall And Redirects Her Spells

    From Redditor laith54:

    [Snape] takes out two of his own Death Eaters on "accident" by deflecting Minerva's spells.

    Prior to the Battle of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall initiates a duel with Severus Snape. McGonagall sends fiery spells Snape's way, which he manages to block before knocking the last one behind him.

    It appears as if Snape has simply fled the next second, but a keen eye reveals that Snape deliberately parried McGonagall's spell to the Death Eaters behind him. 

    Since Snape was a double agent the whole time, he used McGonagall's attacks as a way of taking down the real villains without exposing his own allegiance. 

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    In The First Two ‘Star Wars’ Films, The Stormtroopers Nearly All Appear To Be Left-Handed (There’s A Reason)

    In The First Two ‘Star Wars’ Films, The Stormtroopers Nearly All Appear To Be Left-Handed (There’s A Reason)
    Photo: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Most people in the world are right-handed, but the majority of stormtroopers go the opposite way and are shown as left-handed. The reason for this comes down to the way their weapons are made.

    Stormtrooper blasters are based on the Sterling L2A3 9mm submachine gun - its magazine is situated on the left-hand side. It turns out that stormtroopers use their left hands out of necessity because they need to switch-grip their blasters.

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    In 'The Lion King,' The Female Hyena Is The Smartest One, Which Is True In Real Life, Where Female Hyenas Lead Packs

    From Redditor SneakySniper456

    In The Lion King, Shenzi, the female hyena, is the dominant/smartest one of the three main hyenas. And in real life the female hyenas are the ones who are the leaders of the pack, and the males are the followers and treated poorly. Their hierarchy is based on real life hyena traits.

    The Lion King features three hyenas who serve the villainous Scar. Shenzi, the female hyena, basically bosses around her two counterparts. Shenzi's dominance of her peers is a reference to how hyenas behave in the real world, which justifies why the others follow her lead.

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    In ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ The Name Of Each Black Order Member Relates To Something Black

    From a former Redditor:

    In Avengers: Infinity War (2018) each member of Thanos’s Black Order has something black built into their name: Corvus, Midnight, Obsidian, and Ebony.

    The name “Midnight” should go without saying and alludes to the color of the night sky; Corvus is derived from Latin, meaning “raven,” which is black in color; obsidian is a shiny, black volcanic rock that is supposed to represent Cull Obsidian's durability; and ebony is timber from a tropical tree that has a heavy black color.

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    The Scene Of The Dogs Alpha And Gamma In A Poker Game In ‘Up’ Pays Homage To The Famed ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ Portraits

    A pivotal scene in Up is when young Russell flies across the sky next to the Spirit of Adventure zeppelin. Here, the villain's dog henchmen can be seen playing a game of poker. 

    The seating positions of the dogs and the concept of them playing poker is a nod to a famous painting. It's known simply as Dogs Playing Poker and was painted by C.M. Coolidge in 1903 for a series of cigar ads. 

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    The Design Of The Skullcrawlers In ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Was Influenced By A Lizard In The Original 1933 Film

    From Redditor King-Ghidorah:

    The Skullcrawlers from Kong: Skull Island were influenced by a two-legged lizard who appears briefly in the original 1933 King Kong film.

    The specific creature barely appears in the original movie for more than 10 seconds. According to concept artist Zach Berger, co-designer Simon Lee adapted the idea of the two-legged lizard and came up with the design of the Skullcrawlers as they appear in the movie.

    The entire basis of the Skullcrawlers' design was to create a modern version of the two-legged creature from the 1933 film - director Jordan Vogt-Roberts refused to have a dinosaur villain to avoid similarities with 2005's King Kong.

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