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13 Dark Details In 'Thirteen Ghosts' That Are A Little Freaky

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"There are ghosts around us all the time. Most of them don't want to hurt us. But, there are exceptions..." 

Based on the William Castle-directed gimmick movie 13 Ghosts from 1960, 2001's Thir13en Ghosts is a classic haunted house romp that was a little underappreciated when it was first released. However, in the last few years, the film has gained a loyal following.

Thanks to the spectacular "Ghost Files" bonus features on the in-home release which dives into the backstories of the Black Zodiac ghosts, the lore of the Black Zodiac itself, Matthew Lillard's fun performance, and a heavy dose of nostalgia, Thir13en Ghosts has found appreciation in a new generation of horror film fans. Here are a few delightful, dark details found in the film to help make your next viewing experience all the more haunting. 

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    'Nobody Cares...'

    Posted by u/thebladex777:

    As the lawyer gets cut in half by the glass doors there is a slow droning voice, and if you speed it up x4 it is a female voice (the Angry Princess) saying "Nobody cares."

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    Why Each Ghost Was Chosen

    As explained by the "Ghost Files" bonus feature on the in-home release, each ghost was handpicked by Cyrus Kriticos due to their backstory and how they fit within the Black Zodiac:

    1. The First Born Son is Billy Michaels - Shot by a neighbor through the head when playing Cowboys n' Indians.

    2. The Torso is Jimmy Gambino - Mutilated by thugs after losing a high-stakes bet.

    3. The Bound Woman is Susan LeGrow  - Bound and murdered by her jilted lover when she is caught cheating.

    4. The Withered Lover is Jean Kriticos - Arthur Kriticos's wife who died in a fire.

    5. The Torn Prince is Royce Clayton - A high school jock who died during a drag race.

    6. The Angry Princess is Dana Newman - A beautiful woman with mental issues who takes her own life after attempting plastic surgery on herself. 

    7. The Pilgrimess is Isabella Smith -  Sentenced to the stocks after she is declared a witch.

    8. The Great Child is Harold Shelburne - A child-like man who was killed by an angry mob after murdering dozens of circus workers in a rage. 

    9. The Dire Mother is Margaret Shelburne - Suffocated in a bag after a prank went awry. Spoiled her son to the point of insanity. 

    10. The Hammer is George Markley - Killed by townpeople with railroad spikes after getting revenge for the massacre of his family. The former blacksmith used a hammer to get his revenge. 

    11. The Jackal is Ryan Kuhn - Called the "Manson" of the 13 ghosts, he was a vicious serial killer who eventually burned to death in the asylum. 

    12. The Juggernaut is Horace Mahoney - Insane serial killer with severe birth abnormalities who could only be stopped via SWAT team. 

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    The Angry Princess Repeats Her Mantra

    According to "Ghost Files," a special feature on the in-home release, Dana Newman, AKA the Angry Princess, wrote "I'm Sorry" in her own blood after taking her own life (there is a brief glimpse of this when Kathy is in the bathroom).

    Occasionally, when the Angry Princess appears, the distorted whisper that follows her will be a slowed down chant of "I'm sorry" (as confirmed by the captions).

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    The Perfect Player For The Part

    Daniel Wesley, the actor who played "The Torso" ghost, is a double amputee who had his head digitally removed.  

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