Shocking Things About Joe Exotic Left Out Of 'Tiger King'

In late March 2020, Netflix released what immediately became the next guilty pleasure documentary: Tiger KingThe seven-episode series follows the strange world of exotic cat keepers and breeders that collect, breed, and make money off of tigers. The focus of the series is Joe Exotic, the flamboyant cowboy behind an Oklahoma private "zoo" embroiled in a feud with animal rights activist Carole Baskin. (Though it should be noted, Joe's is not the only controversial tiger park located in Oklahoma!)

Every moment of the series offers a new revelation of eccentricity, beginning with Joe's singular hatred and obsession with Baskin and increasing with every new character introduced in the story. Shock after shock leaves the viewer believing that the documentary depicts every mind-blowing fact about Joe's life. But there is much more to his story.

The documentary introduces three of Joe's husbands, including John Finlay and Dillon Passage, but does not mention Joe's first husband Brian Rhyne or the husband after that. It touches on the demise of Joe's brother as the impetus for the park, but does not question the real story of his accident. In fact, much of Joe's self-presentation is questionable, and his personal life is even more surprising than anyone could imagine.

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