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Detroit Movie Quotes

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Detroit movie quotes provide the dialogue for the film about the 1967 riots in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Kathryn Bigelow directed the crime drama using a screenplay Mark Boal wrote based on the true events from the Algiers Motel incident. Detroit opened first in the city of Detroit on July 25, 2017, before a wide release on July 28, 2017.

In Detroit, it's 1967 and there's rioting on 12th Street after a police raid ends badly. R&B group The Dramatics was scheduled to perform in the area but after their show is canceled, they head to the Algiers Motel for the night along with local friends. 

So when one group member fires blanks from his pistol in a prank, police hear the shots and open fire on the building. What follows involves police officer Philip Krauss (Will Poulter) and others interrogating, shooting, killing and humiliating the motel guests, all while innocent security guard Melvin Dismukes (John Boyega), who heard the shots, is arrested and charged with the murders. 

Detroit movie quotes give a sneak peek into the film just as quotes from other summer 2017 movies do including with Dunkirk, Despicable Me 3, Baby Driver, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

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    You Don't Talk About This

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    Philip Krauss: You don’t talk about this to anyone ever. You understand?

    Philip Krauss demands silence after Greene witnesses the killings. This Detroit movie quote isn't so much as an order as a threat.

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      What Happened at the Motel?

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      Melvin Dismukes: I assume this is about what went on at the motel?
      Detective Thomas: What happened at the motel?
      Melvin Dismukes: You don’t know, I tell you. I was working security by Wisconsin and on Tuesday night, we heard gunfire coming from the area near The Algiers. Police was there. There was a lot of shooting. When I went in there three kids had been killed.
      Detective Thomas: No, so they were killed right before you got there.
      Melvin Dismukes: Yes, sir
      Detective Jones: You carry a .38, right?
      Detective Thomas: A revolver, you carry a revolver.
      Melvin Dismukes: I do have a .38.
      Detective Thomas: You ever shoot anyone?
      Melvin Dismukes: I didn’t do it. Police...
      Detective Jones: Ah, here we go.
      Melvin Dismukes: I told you what I saw.
      Detective Jones: Melvin, you want to go home?
      Melvin Dismukes: Yeah
      Detective Thomas: What happened at the motel?

      As Melvin is interrogated by the detectives in these Detroit movie quotes, he tries to explain what he knows about the murder of three people. But the cops are not buying it, especially as he's claiming the police are responsible for the shooting.

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        I Come Bearing Gifts

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        Melvin Dismukes: Hello? No, everything is fine, no trouble here. I’ll sleep when they stop riding.
        Melvin Dismukes: Hey, fellas, Melvin Dismukes. VM guard in that grocery store across the street, I’ve come bearing gifts.
        National Guardsman: Thank you. You got any sugar?
        Melvin Dismukes: Ah, don’t push it, man.

        Private security guard Melvin Dismukes is guarding a grocery store while also trying to keep the peace. In these Detroit movie quotes, he tries to make friends with the National Guardsmen in the area, but they are not especially friendly.

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          A War Zone Out There

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          Philip Krauss: It’s a war zone out there. They’re destroying the city.

          Police officer Philip Krauss explains a bit about what's going on in the city of Detroit. As he mentions, it's pure chaos and the city is being destroyed by the violence. 

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