The Greatest Running Jokes on Arrested Development

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Arrested Development running jokes make the show what it is. Those jokes became our own inside jokes, carving new neural pathways into our brains. Every time someone calls an illusion a trick, you know your brain goes there and corrects them, G.O.B.-style. 
The best jokes from Arrested Development usually involve deep flaws in the Bluth family, from Buster’s thing for juice and his mother to Lindsay’s self-image to the way the whole family doesn’t get chickens or marijuana, not to mention their chronic ostrich problems.  
The running jokes on Arrested Development are the very heart of the show. From Tobias’s never-nude policy to George Michael’s slow walk away to the Peanuts theme, the show can be counted upon for recurring jokes with each watch. These are also the backbone of any Arrested Development drinking game: any episode with Annyong alone would have your guests flat out on the floor of the Aztec Tomb.
Which funny Arrested Development jokes do you like best or repeat with your friends the most? Are you partial to a Bluth running gag, the ever-present Carl Weathers, or to the many lessens George Sr. tries to teach his children? Vote your favorite recurring joke to the top. And if you don’t see your favorite running joke from the show, add it! Everyone do the chicken dance in celebration! And if you're looking for more laughs, make sure to check out these other funny shows like Arrested Development!

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  • None of the Bluths Can Impersonate a Chicken
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    None of the Bluths Can Impersonate a Chicken

  • I’ve Made a Huge Mistake
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    I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

  • Her?
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  • No Touching
    115 votes

    No Touching

  • Analrapist
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  • Never Nudity
    109 votes

    Never Nudity