The 15 Greatest Devil Fruit Vs. Non-Devil Fruit User Fights In 'One Piece'

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Some of the most powerful weapons in the One Piece world are Devil Fruits - items that grant anyone who eats them supernatural powers. But while there are undeniable advantages to having a Devil Fruit, there are some drawbacks, too - and they don't guarantee a win in fights. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the best Devil Fruit vs. non-Devil Fruit fights in One Piece. 

In some cases, the Devil Fruit user is at a clear advantage, and the non-user really has to struggle to take them down. Zoro's fight with Mr. 1 is an immense challenge for him, not because Mr. 1 is stronger per se, but because he can turn his body into steel blades that Zoro has to figure out how to cut through. But sometimes it's the Devil Fruit user who is at a disadvantage - Brook's Devil Fruit doesn't exactly do him much good when he's up against a master swordsman - even if that swordsman is a zombie reanimated by his shadow.

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    Zoro Vs. Mr. 1

    This fight is particularly challenging for Zoro. While his swordsmanship is top-notch, he's never been able to cut through steel. Mr. 1's Dice-Dice Fruit lets him turn his whole body into a sharp blade, so if Zoro does't figure out a way to surpass his limits, he'll lose. 

    After a tough fight that leaves him feeling hopeless, he hears the "breath of all things" and finally discovers how to land a finishing blow on Mr. 1. It's a moment of serious growth for Zoro, which is what makes it such a great fight. 

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    Sanji Vs. Jabra

    Sanji Vs. Jabra
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    Being able to turn into a wolf doesn't make one immune to intense heat, which is why Sanji is able to wipe the floor with Jabra using his Diable Jambe technique. By spinning rapidly, Sanji is able to cause enough friction to basically set his own leg on fire, severely burning anyone he kicks in the process. 

    After the first kick, Jabra is able to do a little bit of damage with his Rokushiki, but it's not long before Sanji knocks him totally unconscious with another well-timed kick. How is creating fire with your own leg not a Devil Fruit power, exactly? 

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    Usopp Vs. Perona

    This is a fun fight because it really shows off Usopp's personality. He's immune to Perona's Negative Hollows because he's already so negative that they can't make him any worse. He's not strong, but he's great at lies and trickery, which is how he gets Perona trapped in one place while he pretends to lift a 10-ton hammer, causing her to pass out with fear. 

    Usopp might not be strong, but he knows how to make the best out of even the most difficult situations. Sadly for Perona, she isn't nearly as adaptable or clever.

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    Sanji Vs. Mr. 2

    Normally, Mr. 2's Devil Fruit wouldn't be especially useful in fights. He finds a way to make it work in his favor by making his face look like Nami's, rendering Sanji temporarily unwilling to attack. Rather than just attacking him anyway since part of him has to know it isn't really Nami, he decides to attack during the split second that Mr. 2 reverts back to his old self in order to attack.

    The fight ends in Sanji's favor, but not before some epic fancy footwork. The two conclude on good terms - they had an enjoyable fight that challenged both of them, so they begin thinking of themselves as allies, not enemies. 

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    Franky Vs. Senor Pink

    Franky wants to destroy the Smile Factory, and it's up to Senor Pink to stop him. He's able to sneak up on him by swimming through the ground, as well as land a couple of suplexes, but ultimately he can't stand up to moves like Franky's Iron Boxing. As Senor Pink is taking what he calls a “rain of punches,” he thinks about his wife and child, and all the mistakes he feels he's made.

    At the end of the fight, Franky shows some respect for Senor Pink by saying he wants to learn more about his past. Considering everything Senor Pink has been through, it's nice to see someone else care, even if that person just beat the stuffing out of him. 

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    Vergo Vs. Law

    At first, it doesn't seem like Law can possibly take Vergo on. In fact, Vergo defeats Law multiple times before Law finally wins the day. 

    At one point, Vergo literally has Law's heart in his hands, and is able to hurt and manipulate Law by squeezing it. But during their final conflict, Law smashes expectations by combining his Op-Op Fruit with his sword to slash Vergo's body straight in half. He doesn't just take down Vergo - he also slices the laboratory and the mountain in half at the same time. 

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