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'Devil Unchained' Is A Documentary About Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp’s Crimes

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In November 2016, Kala Brown was found chained up in a large storage container located in the middle of a nearly 100-acre plot of land outside of Spartanburg, SC. The land and the storage container were owned by Todd Kohlhepp, a local real estate agent. As soon as Brown was discovered, she revealed that Kohlhepp had shot her boyfriend in the chest. Following his arrest, Kohlhepp admitted to the murder and a series of other brutal slayings.

The docuseries Devil Unchained focuses on Todd Kohlhepp, his life of crime, and his actions against Kala Brown. In the doc, Kohlhepp is more than happy to discuss his crimes, both those that led to his arrest and those he revealed of his own accord. However, Kohlhepp's narrative is extremely unreliable, resulting in a story just as twisted as any true crime tale. Who is Todd Kohlhepp? How many murders did he commit? And is he responsible for the mass murder at Superbike in South Carolina? While he says so, some don't believe his account can be trusted.

  • Todd Kohlhepp Held Kala Brown Captive For 65 Days

    Both Kala Brown and her boyfriend Charlie Carver were hired to clear brush on Todd Kohlhepp’s land in rural Spartanburg County, SC - shortly afterward, they went missing. Their friends and family searched tirelessly, but the last time anyone heard from them was the same day they arrived on Kohlhepp's property.

    Using social media and cell phone activity, investigators tracked Brown and Carver to the property on the day Brown disappeared, discovering that Brown's phone had been active on the property for hours, though Kohlhepp said she'd only been there for about an hour. 

    In November 2016, authorities delivered a warrant to Kohlhepp at his home while police searched his property. Police found Brown in a shipping container tipped on its side in the middle of Kohlhepp's property. They located her after she began banging on the side of the container and shouting for help. 

    Brown spent 65 days in the container chained by her neck, during which time Kohlhepp gave her food and water two times a day. After his arrest, Kohlhepp claimed that he had also committed a series of murders on the property.

  • Kohlhepp Killed Brown’s Boyfriend, Charlie Carver

    Brown was held in a storage container for over two months. Her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, was dispatched by Kohlhepp on August 31, 2016, shortly after they arrived on his property. Once she was freed by authorities, Brown explained that her captor killed Carver in front of her before locking her up. 

    When authorities questioned Brown on Carver's whereabouts, she said

    Charlie? He shot him. Todd Kohlhepp shot Charlie Carver three times in the chest. He wrapped him in a blue tarp, put him in the bucket of the tractor, locked me down here - I’ve never seen him again.

    In a phone interview played during Devil Unchained, Kohlhepp claims he knew he would be caught as soon as he shot Carver, because "none of it was planned."  During the 65 days that Carver and Brown were presumed missing, authorities believe Kohlhepp posted on Facebook as Carver in order to create the illusion he was still alive. 

    Each post contained a taunting message or joke, and everyone who knew Carver claimed they were completely out of character for him. Before Kohlhepp was arrested, Carver's family thought that his estranged ex-wife was responsible for the posts.

  • Kohlhepp Confessed To An Unsolved Quadruple Homicide From 2003

    Kohlhepp confessed to shooting and killing four people at Superbike Motorsports on November 6, 2003, in Chesnee, SC. The crime was unsolved, and Kohlhepp offered himself up as the perpetrator, but police are still unsure if he actually committed the crimes.

    According to Devil Unchained, nearly 13 years passed before police had a lead in the Superbike case. During his confession, Kohlhepp claimed he committed the crimes after Superbike employees mocked him and stole his bike.

    He described the crimes in crystal-clear detail - however, a map of the crime scene reveals discrepancies in his story. Not only did he describe the bodies as being in the wrong place, but his descriptions of the wounds were inaccurate.

  • Johnny and Meagan Coxie, Who Went Missing In 2015, Were Found On Kohlhepp’s Property

    Before Brown and Carver went missing in 2016, another couple fell victim to Kohlhepp. Johnny and Meagan Coxie were hired to clean rental properties owned by Kohlhepp, and shortly afterward, they disappeared.

    Once Kohlhepp was arrested in November 2016, he openly admitted to disposing of the couple in a manner similar to that of Carver and Brown.

    Kohlhepp claimed that Johnny Coxie pulled a knife on him, so he shot the young man before entrapping Meagan Coxie in the same storage container that would eventually hold Brown. The Coxies' remains were found on Kohlhepp's property during the investigation that led to Brown's freedom.