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25 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Dexter

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Are you a hardcore Dexter fan who can't help but flirt with the idea of expressing your love for everyone's favorite blood slinging-psychopath in ink? We've put together a list of the best tattoos of this incredibly cool killer. These are the best tattoos inspired by Dexter Morgan, a (usually) mild-mannered television show character who happens to have developed his own unique brand of justice - murder.

Dexter doesn't just solve murders at his job as a blood spatter pattern analyst in Miami, he commits murders, too! This jack-of-all trades is totally lovable, and many diehard Dexter fans have committed themselves to their favorite TV show by tattooing various Dexter characters, themes, and motifs on their skin. Unlike the killers he hunts down, Dexter exclusively utilizes his unique set of lethal skills on the guilty, thus cutting out that pesky middle man called the justice system. Here you’ll find a colorful array of Dexter tattoos, proudly displayed permanently on his biggest fans. 

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    Seriously, Stop Scratching, You're Only Making It Worse...

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    You May Also Know Him As...

    You May Also Know Him As... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 25 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Dexter
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    This Wrist Tat's Placement Totally Ups the Creepy Factor

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    Uh-Oh...the Doctor Is In

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