The Best Diane Lane Movies

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More than 1,600 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Diane Lane movies. Since her breakout role in A Little Romance, Diane Lane has been one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses. Whether she's playing a determined single mom or an ambitious politician, her performances are always nuanced and captivating.

Lane is known for tackling roles that require emotional depth and range, from passionate romances to thrillers with a political edge. Her ability to capture both strength and vulnerability on screen makes her characters truly unforgettable. Fans particularly love Unfaithful, where Lane delivers a heartbreaking performance as Connie Sumner ––a woman who must make tough choices when faced with an affair gone wrong––and Under The Tuscan Sun, where she plays Frances Mayes, an American writer setting out on a journey of self-discovery during turbulent times in Italy’s Tuscany region.

No matter what type of film you're looking for, this list has something for everyone. So check it out now and be sure to vote up your favorite Diane Lane movies today.

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