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That Feeling Of Rapid Insanity You're Experiencing Could Be The Work Of A Dybbuk

What is a dybbuk? The dybbuk, sometimes spelled "dibbuk," is an ancient mythological creature from Jewish lore that was first written about in the Old Testament. Dybbuk attacks didn’t come to prominence until the 16th century, and when they did, terrifying signs began to manifest. But why would a dybbuk attack you? These kinds of attacks are a bit like being marked by the devil - if you’re a target of dybbuk possession, or if you’re just being clobbered by a dybbuk on a regular basis, you’ve probably done something to invite the angry spirit into your home. So how can you tell if your life is being ruined by a dybbuk or if you’re just having a bit of bad luck? You’ll have to keep reading to learn about the signs of a dybbuk and what to do if you find yourself in the middle of a demonic attack. 

Luckily for you, it’s fairly simple to figure out if you’re being targeted by a dybbuk. Demons of all types only have so many tricks up their spooky sleeves. Just as there are telltale signs you’re carrying the devil’s baby, there are a series of things that will tip you off about a dybbuk. Once you’ve read these ways to determine whether or not you’re being attacked by a dybbuk, you may need to call your nearest Rabbi. So, go ahead and put that number into your speed dial and read on below. 

  • Do You Feel An Overwhelming Need To Accomplish Something?

    Photo: Ephraim Moses Lilien / Wikimedia Commons

    One theory about why dybbuks possess a person is that they want to finish important business they weren't able to complete before dying. Which means that rather than being malicious spirits, they’re actually just trying to ascend to the next plane of existence, but they’re stuck until they can take care of that one specific thing.

    Do you find yourself going around, trying to accomplish a goal that feels like something you wouldn’t normally do? Do you have an uncontrollable urge to do something “important” that has nothing to do with any of your personal goals? Then you might have a dybbuk attached to you. 

  • You Can No Longer Perform Jewish Rituals Correctly

    Photo: hurk / Pixabay

    Supposedly, if you don't believe in Jewish lore or if you don’t perform Jewish rituals correctly, you're opening the door to have a dybbuk possess you. So, it makes sense that if you find yourself unable to perform Jewish rituals correctly time and time again, you may already be possessed by an angry demon. 

  • You Come Down With Sudden Multiple Personality Disorder

    It's said that a dybbuk is something that "talks through his mouth, and represents a separate and alien personality." So, if it feels like you’re suddenly coming down with schizophrenia, or that you’re fighting to be yourself on a day-to-day basis, then there may be a demonic spirit slowly taking over your body to carry out its wishes. This is a malady that effects possessed persons of all religions and denominations, so before you jump straight to dybbuk possession, crossreference your other symptoms with this list. 

  • Terrible Dreams Haunt Your Sleep

    Jason Haxton bought a wooden dibbuk box off of eBay in 2004. He claims that after the haunted box arrived, he began to suffer a variety of symptoms and one of them was a series of nightmares. He said, “I feel like a knife is coming into my gut. I'm paralyzed in pain. When I go to bed, I have terrible dreams of a hag that seems to come with the box.”  If this sounds similar to something you’re experiencing, and you just bought a spooky box, then it’s time to consult the nearest Rabbi.