Weird History Scholars May Have Actually Found Proof That Moses Parted The Red Sea  

Mick Jacobs

As the ending of The Princess Diaries taught the world, miracles happen once in a while. While many of the miracles of the Bible and Old Testament ended up debunked, a few "miracles" may actually have scientific evidence to back them up. One such wonder appears in the video below.

Moses's parting of the Red Sea is one of the Olt Testament's most famous phenomena, and some experts claim that evidence exists which proves this miracle did in fact occur. Talk about making waves.

Some experts theorize when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, they did so near the Suez Canal, a shallower region. Because of environmental factors unique to this area, many postulate that a "parting of the waters" could actually occur.

To find out exactly what those conditions were, watch the video below. If it happens to be true, then the Bible just got way, way more fascinating.