Total Nerd Scooby Doo Was About Dodging The Vietnam Draft, According To This Convincing Theory  

Rebecca High

Scooby Doo, Where Are You! aired on CBS from 1969-1975 and spawned multiple movies and subsequent revivals. Fan theories about the show's origins still abound on the internet. Why were a goofy dog and some mismatched teens rolling around in a van solving mysteries. One rather convincing idea that's been circulated on the internet is that the kids in the original series were actually avoiding the Vietnam draft. This video explores that theory in detail.

1969, when the show first aired, was the height of the Vietnam War unrest. The Tet Offensive changed the public perception of the war only a year prior. US civilians at home were very much divided in their opinions of the controversial war.

The fan theory explains the weird cast of misfits why they're running around with a weird dog. Unless, of course, they're all bound by a common attempt to stay away from the war. To be fair, women weren't drafted in the war, but the characters definitely fit the prototype for college-aged protesters who vehemently and publicly protested the Vietnam War.

Watch this video and reassess this childhood classic. Were the Scooby-Doo kids really just trying to dodge the draft and get out of their patriotic duties?