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Is 'Die Hard' A Christmas Movie? The Internet Is Divided As The Debate Rages On

Over the years, what started as a funny holiday tradition has become a hot-button issue on social media as fans of action movies and Christmas take to Twitter to answer the question: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? 

The classic '80s action pic starring Bruce Willis has been considered a holiday movie by many for many years now because it is set on Christmas Eve. But for others, it is not so cut and dry. Many fans believe that the fact it takes place during on Christmas is happenstance, and it is just a movie with Christmas in the background. It is a debate so heated that even the director and the star have taken a stand. 

So, is Die Hard a Christmas movie, or is it a summer blockbuster that has folks reaching?  

  • Every Year, The Great Debate Starts As A Simple Statement

    Soon, a simple question takes hold of social media during the holiday season: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    And fans have very strong opinions:


  • For Many, The Answer Was Simple: Yes

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  • But For Others, The Argument Is Silly And 'Die Hard' Is NOT An Appropriate Christmas Movie

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  • Naysayers Also State The Film Was Released In Summer, Making It A Summer Blockbuster And NOT A Christmas Movie