Differences Between The FLDS Church And The LDS Church

If you're not familiar with Mormonism, you might not realize that there's a huge difference between FLDS and LDS. The LDS, or the Latter-Day Saints, comprise the vast majority of Mormons worldwide. While their conservative beliefs may be disquieting to some, they are light years away from the FLDS, or the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints. Fundamentalist Mormons are a small splinter group who practice polygamy.

Aside from the fact that LDS members are not polygamous, there are a number of major differences between the two groups. For example, their leadership. FLDS leader Warren Jeffs is serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting minors among other things and the LDS leader Thomas Monson just turned 90. Another difference? The LDS supports interracial marriage, while the FLDS finds it to be unacceptable and is therefore labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The LDS church does not want to be confused with the cultish FLDS church for reasons that are quite clear once you dive into all the serious differences between them.