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In Case You Were Wondering, Shadow People Are NOT Ghosts - Here's Why

In the world of paranormal research, there are two distinct types non-corporeal creatures — ghosts and shadow people. In many instances, it can be nearly impossible to tell the differences between ghosts and shadow people, but after some exhaustive research into these scary monsters and super creeps, here's a handy guide to help you figure out whether you’re dealing with an energy-sucking shadow creature or a full-bodied apparition.

Are ghosts and shadow people the same things? It’s a question that’s bogged down believers in the supernatural for a long time. While they both share similarities, they’re definitely not the same thing. Not only are there different classes of shadow people, but the types of ghosts that you’re likely to bump into aren’t anything like the ominous figures cut by a shadow person. The following guidelines will teach you how to know if you saw a ghost or a shadow person lurking in your room and what to do about it.