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The Weirdest Differences Between Male & Female Human Bodies

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Of all the things that are different between men and women, it's the weird biological differences that are arguably the most fascinating. Unlike social or psychological differences, which can be influenced by outside forces, male and female differences based only in biology (with a hat tip to evolution) highlight the traits that make male and female homo sapiens truly unique in the animal kingdom. We're a weird pack of hairless apes, it turns out.

A look at the the objective, biological differences between male and female bodies reveals that men have larger brains, hearts, and feet, but have an inferior sense of smell, sight, and taste. Women have a harder time dealing with the cold and cry more, but men are more likely to suffer a heart attack or skin cancer. That's just scratching the surface: here's a look at the weirdest biological differences between the sexes.
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    The Clitoris Grows with Age, the Penis Doesn't

    Call it Clitoris Envy: unlike the penis, which stops growing when a man is between 13 and 18 years old, the clitoris continues to grow well into adulthood! In fact, when a woman is 32, her clitoris is four times larger than it was at puberty. The clitoris exists only for sexual pleasure, so a woman's body is wired to be more receptive to such pleasure the older she gets.
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    Men Handle Sleep Deprivation Better

    No one likes to be sleep-deprived, but studies show that women are hit harder by lack of sleep than men. Sleep-deprived women are at a higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and depression than equally groggy men. The reasons are unclear, but scientists think hormones may be to blame.
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    Men Have Bigger Brains (But Are Not Smarter)

    Men are larger than women, on average, which means that their brains are larger on average, too (about 10%, in fact). But bigger isn't better when it comes to brains. The truth is that quality trumps quantity, and the sexes have different advantages: women get their superior language skills from a larger frontal and temporal cortex, while men have superior spatial skills thanks to a more active left hippocampus.

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    Men Are More Tolerant of the Cold

    In the middle of a thermostat war with your spouse? Know this: a woman's mean body temperature is slightly warmer than a man's, but a woman's hands and feet are, on average, much colder. Why? One theory is that body fat (which women have more of) keeps their organs and important reproductive parts warm, but at the expense of their chilly fingers and toes. There are other factors to consider, but on average it's true that women have less tolerance for cold temperatures than men. So have some sympathy, guys!
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