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12 Huge Differences Between The Pokémon Anime And Manga

Updated 14 Jun 2019 22.6k views12 items

While nearly everyone has seen or at least heard of the Pokémon anime, not as many people are aware of the associated manga, Pokémon Adventures. Both were inspired by the handheld Pokémon video games that ate up eight-year-old's AA batteries when they debuted in the '90s.

While both series are about capturing a wide variety of Pokémon and training them to fight each other in epic battlesthe differences between the Pokémon manga and anime are vast. Pokémon is a lighthearted kids' show that's only loosely based off of the Nintendo games, while Pokémon Adventures is a grittier, more mature story that closely follows the stories found in the games. The anime has its emotional arcs, but they are nothing compared to the dark moments in Pokémon Adventures.