Different Actors Who Played The Same Character In The Original And The Remake

Hollywood isn't too proud to remake a few movies... or a lot of movies. Whether it's because the first version was incredibly successful or because someone has a new vision for the story, older films get remade all the time. In fact, many of these remakes are so successful that younger people don't even know that they aren't the originals. With more than one film, more than one actor gets a shot at playing some of the most iconic roles of all time. Usually different actors who played the same character have a similar look and approach to the character, but not always! Some film remakes totally re-imagine the characters and end up quite different than the original.  

These character comparisons show how different actors pulled off the same role. Check out this list of characters for surprising changes and uncanny similarities in casting the same movie twice!

Photo: Paramount Pictures / Paramount Pictures