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Anime Characters You Never Realized Have Exactly The Same Tragic Backstory

No matter how much you love anime, you have to admit that sometimes it's not the most original. In fact, it can feel like you're watching the same character in different anime. This is especially true when it comes to tragic origin stories. Sometimes, anime characters with similar backgrounds have generic things in common, like dead parents and child abuse. Other times, it gets so bizarrely specific you have to wonder if it's intentional. 

While watching anime characters with the same story can get old, it can also be oddly enjoyable. Let's say you really love Kotomi Ichinose from CLANNAD. If you do, then imagining her as a Sailor Scout is a fun mental exercise, one that's made a heck of a lot easier by the fact that Kotomi and Sailor Jupiter have uncannily similar back stories. Besides, if you didn't like repetition at least a little bit, you probably wouldn't be watching anime in the first place. With that in mind, let's examine these pairs of anime characters who are basically sad clones of each other.