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13 Best-Selling Video Games That Were Almost Totally Different

Updated 4 Jun 2018 3.2k views13 items

Video game development is not a simple process. Designers and programmers often spend years on a single project, and thus there is plenty of opportunity for games to shift focus dramatically as they make progress. Of course, this can lead to some rather strange origins of popular video games, where the end product is something very different than the original concept.

While a certain amount of change is to be expected with any title, some famous examples have gone through such extensive alteration, they are almost completely unrecognizable compared to what the developers initially intended. There are many examples of video games that changed design partway through, with the creators having to scrap work and practically start over from scratch.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the art style might clash with the gameplay, or new mechanics might be introduced partway through development that developes like more. It’s even possible for a studio to build a game with certain characters in mind only for a license deal to fall through, causing the team to have to go in a new direction with a new cast. Even some of the most famous video game titles in history started out much differently from what hit store shelves.

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