Famous Villains Whose Looks Have Totally Changed

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It’s a fact of life that any film or television show that you love will be remade and you probably won’t like what the new generation of producers do to the thing you once held dear. The hardest type of changes to accept are villain remakes. We grow close to a villain, and once we’ve accepted something as super scary, or so bad that they’re good, it’s hard to accept anything else in their place. Remakes of iconic villains are so hard to pull off, especially if the villain that’s being remade is a cult classic like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, or Freddy Krueger, but that doesn’t mean that people are going to stop trying. Remember the good times and check out these famous villains who got a makeover.

Most of the time, remakes of villains only end up making fans love the original version of that villain even more. For instance, there are so many versions of Leatherface saturating the chainsaw market that the only real choice is to pledge your undying allegiance to Gunnar Hansen. But sometimes it’s cool to have different versions of famous villains because it’s possible for an actor, or costume designer to bring something different to the table that makes you see that character in a new light. Keep that in mind while you’re exploring these famous villains who got a make over.

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