17 Animal Riddles Most People Can't Solve  

Ariel Kana
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The Sphinx, ancient Greek riddler, was really annoying. Poor travelers: "Let me in to Thebes, Ms. Sphinx. I have no clue what the creature is that 'walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three at night." But those long-ago travelers probably secretly relished trying to solve the riddle, just as we do today, because riddles are fun even if entrance to a city is on the line, and figuring out the answer to riddles makes us feel smart. (The famed ancient riddle's answer is "human beings.")

The Sphinx riddle's association with a creature that's half-lion makes this list of animal riddles particularly appropriate. Don't feel bad if you don't get the answers right away - some of them are truly mind-boggling, no matter how silly you feel when you see the stunningly simple answers. For the most mind-stimulating experience, cover up the answers and try to figure out these difficult animal riddles before peeking.

A Horse Walks A Certain Distance Each Day. Two Of Its Legs Go 30 Miles Each Day And The Other Two Legs Go Nearly 31 Miles. The Horse Is Normal, So How Is This Possible?

AnswerThe horse operates a mill and travels in a circular clockwise direction. The two outside legs travel farther than the inside ones.

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A Mean Dog Is Tied To A Tree. If He Sees You, He'll Follow Your Every Step. Your Ball Rolls Past The Dog. If You Are Alone, How Do You Get Your Ball Back Without Being Hurt?

AnswerWalk around the tree so the dog follows you until there’s no more rope left on his leash, then pick up the ball.

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You Buy A Rabbit. It Can Mate Once Every Month, And Give Birth To Seven Babies Per Litter. How Many Rabbits Do You Have After 12 Months?

AnswerOne; it takes two rabbits to breed.

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I Grow Down As I Grow Up. What Am I?

AnswerA goose.

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